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Stereo poster 1991
In early 1990´s the Dutch choreographer Xander Vervoort asked Rob Frey to write music for his performances.

Frey wrote and produced three scores for Vervoort that were released as albums.

The first of those albums was Stereo. It was released under the band name Hoer by Megadisc Records in 1991. The two GORE/Hoer tracks that were released on the Mortar compilation in 1992 were taken from Stereo

Of all side projects by Frey Stereo shows the most similarities with original GORE music. Although produced electronically, it contains 10 heavy, slow metal tracks that have a lot in common with the songs on Wrede. 

Van Onschatbare Waarde poster 1992
The line up of Hoer is given on the CD as: Marij Hel - bass, Jan Gruwel - guitar, Keet Beton - drums, Val Hart - vocals, but all of those names are pseudonyms of Rob Frey.

This line up, called a "four men faiytale" by Roland Spekle, head of Barooni Records, was again used for Frey´s next collaboration with Vervoort. Frey wrote and produced the score to Vervoort´s choreography Van Onschatbare Waarde / Of Inestimable Value.

That score was released as an album entitled Truth & Trust and the band name was changed to Hore. Truth & Trust was released by Barooni Records in 1992. Barooni also co-released GORE´s Livelong Deadline and re-released Hart Gore and Mean Man´s Dream on CD in collaboration with Frey´s own label MessBack Music.

The last published cooperation of Frey and Vervoort was the score to Vervoorts choreography Collectors Of The Will.
Using the band name CET the score was released as an album entitled This Is No House / This Is A Tree in 1995 by MessBack Music.

Contrary to the former two releases This Is No House was recorded live. Besides Frey and GORE drummer Bardo Koolen several musicians were involved in the show: Joel Eyssen, Anna Janssen, Joris Mes, Floor van Riswick, Gino Taihuttu and R. Yen.

Collectors Of The Will poster, 1993

In 2017 Frey started his new project [sic] and released the digital album Welcome to the Error Zone. [sic]´s music is very similar to Frey´s earlier projects Hoer and Hore. Goal of the project is to find 20.000 people who buy the album and making enough money to rent Madison Square Garden in New York and play there live.

[sic] Welcome to the Error Zone promotional video, 2017

Frank Stroobants

Visit Frank Stroobants homepage HERE!

Cover Versions & Tribute

The dutch based Metropol Orkest recorded a cover version of In The Name Of Rotten, Evil and Gore in 1997.

Recorded live at Paradiso, Amsterdam, Holland, 28/02/1997 

London based guitarist Tom R. Fowler produced some GORE cover versions in 2013 and 2015.

Tom R. Fowler - guitar, bass, drum machine
01 Extirpation
02 To The Gallows
03 Axe Of Revenge
04 In The Eye Of The Sniper

Recorded 29/07/2013 (01 & 02), 11/10/2013 (03), 08/02/2015 (04)

Tom R. Fowler - guitar, bass, drum machine
01 After
Recorded 14/8/2015 


A fan video using GORE´s Garden Of Evil (Het Bos) and imagery from the "Re-Annimator" zombie film series was done by Drew Gordon in 2013.


In 2009 Stonerrock.com asked forum members to recreate record covers using MS Paint.
An unnamed fan recreated the cover of Hart Gore.

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